I have started to install the CIP database and server. The installation process, however, terminates when the system attempts to create the CIP_E_CIS_User.  I am unable to continue with the installation.

Suggested Solution

This type of installation failure typically occurs when the default password for CIP_E_CIS_User is inconsistent with your company's password creation policy. The inconsistency is the most likely reason the installation is unable to create the CIP_E_CIS_User account.

To resolve this issue verify SQL Management Studio is installed before you begin to complete the steps that follow.

  1. Open the SQL Management Studio and login using an account that has SA access either by Windows or a SQL account.

  2. Once logged in expand the Security tab on the left side and expand Logins.

  3. Create a new user called CIP_E_CIS_User and enter a password that is in compliance with your company’s password policy.

  4. Deselect Enforce password expiration.

  5. Continue to install the database.

  6. Modify the properties for the CIP_E_CIS_User and change the default database to CIP_E.

    The installation process should now continue successfully as expected. If issues continue to persist, please contact EMA Tech Support at