When setting up EDM for OrCAD, setup of the EDM vault is part of the installation process. The instructions presented in this solution article briefly describe how to setup the vault for a File System. These instructions assume EDM is successfully installed.

  1. Log into the EDM web page as an admin. The default URL for EDM is: http://<EDMServerName>/EDM).

    The default login credentials are:
    Username: Admin
    PW: Admin

  2. Open EDM and select Admin > Vault Setup, located in the upper left corner of the main EDM window.

  3. Click the Edit button and then choose FileSystem from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click the Save button to proceed with configuration.

  5. When configuring EDM for the FileSystem, you need to set up and share a directory on a network drive. After a shared EDM directory is setup, specify the following:  

Vault Name - The vault name is the sub-directory name to the Vault Location. If you have multiple locations, each vault name must be unique. EDM does not allow the same vault names across multiple servers. EDM users need to have Read/Write and Modify permissions to this location.

Vault Location - The vault location is the directory path to the file location used as the Vault. UNC paths are recommended to avoid problems that may arise from the use of different mapped drive letters among users. If UNC paths do not work for your company, mapped drives may be used. In the example below, Y:\Repositories\EDM will be the full directory path to projects in the Vault.

All/Available Project Leaders - EDM Project Leaders can be associated with a vault to allow them to create projects in the specified vault. You may enable All Project Leaders by checking the appropriate box, which will dynamically add to the list of project leaders as they change in EDM.

Additional information regarding setup and configuration of the EDM vault file system is available in the EDM Installation Guide and the EDM Users' Guide.