I am trying to install the OrCAD SPB Hotfix. However, during the attempted installation I receive an error that states, “Unable to determine version” and then the installation is canceled.


Complete the follow steps before you attempt to reinstall the SPB Hotfix.

  1. Navigate to the C:\Cadence\SPB_17.x folder.

  2. Find the compnts.dat file.

  3. Open the file and examine the contents. See the below screenshot for an example file. Ensure it is in a similar format, without corrupted text.
    NOTE: The contents of the compnts.dat file is different with each different installation.

  4. If the text was the issue and is corrected, then retry the installation.

  5. If the installer still fails, please reinstall the base release software then reattempt the hotfix.

  6. If after these steps the software still reports error, please check with our Tech Support department at