I am using PCB Editor. When I attempt to import and translate pad files (by selecting Import > Translators > Pads) I receive the following error:

Unrecognized format in header line of input file. Line 1: !PADS-POWERPCB-V10.0-BASIC! DESIGN DATABASE ASCII FILE 1.0 …….ERROR: Finishes with errors.


The above error occurs when an older version of a PADS ASCII file is given as input to pads_in.

You can resolve the error by exporting a newer ASCII version using PADS version 5 or later. From PADS, choose File > Export > ASCII. If a newer version of PADS is unavailable, export ASCII by changing the version string in the ASCII file.

For example, edit the following:  !PADS-POWERPCB-V3.0-MILS! DESIGN DATABASE ASCII FILE 1.0
to the latest version available: !PADS-POWERPCB-V2007.0-MILS! DESIGN DATABASE ASCII FILE 1.0

Note that when following this method you need to thoroughly verify the translated design.

Cadence recommends to output .asc (ASCII) file from the PADS layout software. If you are exporting PADS ASCII (.asc ) file from any third party translators, manually verify the General Parameters of the PCB design section in the .asc file.