When I launch PCB Editor the splash window opens while my system attempts to checkout a license. Without successfully launching PCB Editor, the following error message displays:

"Allegro License error and communication error, try longer timeout"



This timeout error occurs when the application cannot check out the license within the default 10 seconds. This might happen due to any of the following reasons:

  • The network is busy.
  • The path to the license file is incorrect.
  • The path points to an invalid license file.

To resolve this error try adding a new variable to lengthen the license checkout timeout.

This variable should be put in the same section (User Variables or System Variables) as the CDS_LIC_FILE variable.

Variable Name: CDS_LIC_TIMEOUT
Variable Value: #

The variable value will be a number of whole seconds in addition to the default for the license to extend the timeout. We recommend starting with a value of 15 or 30, but not exceeding 90.