I am trying to install the Cadence License Manager with my dongle. However each time I try, I get the blue screen on my computer and I am unable to boot my system.



This is an issue with the dongle drivers included with the Cadence License Manager. To resolve the issue you need to update your Sentinel drivers.  Link to download Sentinel Runtime Update.

To resolve the issue complete the detailed steps that follow. 

  1. Remove the dongle and reboot the system. Do not reattach the dongle until advised to.

    This enables the system to boot without loading those drivers.

  2. Go into the Programs and Features control panel (run appwiz.cpl) and locate “Sentinel Runtime” and uninstall it. This removes the drivers causing the fault.

  3. Open a web browser and URL:  Link to Sentinel Runtime Update

  4. Click the Download link to download the latest version of the Sentinel Runtime drivers.

  5. Once downloaded, verify the dongle is NOT attached.

  6. Install the drivers from the downloaded package.

  7. After installing the drivers, please reboot your system.

  8. Once the system has been rebooted, attach the dongle again.  This allows the newer drivers to load and configure themselves. Verify the light on the dongle is lit.

  9. If the light isn’t lit, contact EMA Customer Support at or 585-334-6001 Options 5.

  10. If the dongle is lit, continue by opening LMtools (Start > Cadence > License Manager > LMTools).

  11. Check the “System Settings” tab in the lower left to verify that the dongle ID is listed. If the dongle isn’t listed, contact EMA Customer Support as above.

  12. If the dongle is listed continue and switch to the “Start/Stop/Reread” tab. Verify that the “Cadence License Manager” service is the selected service and click on “Stop Server”.

  13. Wait at least 5 seconds. Click on “Start Server”. Once the program begins responding again, try launching OrCAD to make sure your software works. If it still fails, contact EMA Customer Support as above.