I am attempting to locate the capture.ini file.  How can I find capture.ini without first launching OrCAD Capture 17.2 or 17.4?



The default location of the capture.ini file is in a subfolder under the HOME folder as defined in the User Environment Variables.

Open Windows Explorer and type %HOME%\cdssetup\OrCAD_Capture\17.*.0\capture.ini into the address bar where * is the application version you’re running.

If your HOME variable isn’t set, then it should default to the User folder: %appdata%\cdssetup\OrCAD_Capture\17.*.0\capture.ini.

The OrCAD 17.x installation routine will request a “Working Directory” and attempt to set the HOME variable to the location specified.

Note: HOME variables should only be defined as User variables because there are many software packages that utilize the HOME variable using it as a backup for the HOMEPATH variable which is set by Windows at the User level (The HOMEPATH variable should not be modified by the User.)