I am using Capture CIS and my database does not seem to be configured correctly. I am getting the error message: ORCIS-6158: No Part Database have been configured.



There are several difference scenarios and solutions (described below) that may generate this type of error. A description of the solution follows. 

1st Issue Description & Solution

Check the name of the server.  The server name may have changed.  If so, the ODBC Data Source Name that you are using needs to be updated.  Or, the location of the database file might have moved.

2nd Description

CIS is configured correctly and is pointing to the correct path and database, but still an error message appears while placing a database part. 

2nd Solution

The steps to solve this problem are:


Select Options > CIS Configuration. The CIS Configuration dialog box appears.


Click Setup. Verify all the tables in the database are deselected.


Select only those tables that you want available to CIS when you place parts.