What do I need to do to add PCB footprints to Allegro/PCB Editor?



Complete the steps that follow. 

  1. Open PCB Editor.

  2. Select the menu items: Setup > User Preferences. Your selection opens the User Preferences Editor.

  3. Notice the Categories list located in the left column of the Editor.

  4. Expand the Paths folder and click the Library sub-folder to display library preferences in the right part of the Editor.

  5. Modify the configuration of the “padpath” and “psmpath” variables as follows.
    1. Click the Ellipsis button (3 dots) for the padpath or psmpath variable. The padpath or psmpath dialog opens.

    2. Select the icon to the left of the red “X” to add a new line that documents the path.

    3. Click the Ellipsis button (3 dots) located to the right of the new blank line. This opens a window that enables you to browse to your PCB Footprints.  Repeat as necessary to add all path locations for your footprints.

    4. Be sure to complete these steps for all padpath and psmpath locations.

  6. Click the OK button to save your configuration settings.