When I check physical rules in PCB Editor I am receiving the following error:

ERROR(ORCAP-2213): Checking Physical Rules

ERROR(ORCAP-36071): Illegal character "White space" found in "PCB Footprint" property for component instance P1: SCHEMATIC1, 027325 P1 (1.20, 3.60) . /P1:  SCHEMATIC1, 027325 P1  (1.20, 3.60)



In your situation, the part P1 has a value for the PCB Footprint property that contains a blank space, which is an illegal character in PCB Editor/Allegro. 

Notice P2 in the table that follows which has the correct spelling of the PCB Footprint name.


To resolve your issue with illegal characters in part names, edit the property and remove the blank space.