My Silent Installation Script for 17.2 doesn’t work for 17.4, but the documentation doesn’t show any changes.


The Installation script for 17.4 was re-written. Modifications were introduced into the Silent Installation command requirements.

For example:

  1. Dynamic paths (using .\ or ..\) are no longer allowed in the path to the INI file.
  2. The INI path must begin with a Drive Letter.

Assuming you placed the installation image in the C:\OrCAD17.4 folder, a path similar to the following is an example of a working path:

C:\OrCAD17.4\Disk1\setup.exe !quiet=C:\OrCAD17.4\Disk1\silentinstall-SPB.ini

However the next path below is an example of a path that will not work:

C:\OrCAD17.4\Disk1\setup.exe !quiet=.\silentinstall-SPB.ini

$string1\setup.exe !quiet=$string2\silentinstall-SPB.ini

As you troubleshoot your silent installation issue, modify the path accordingly. If you need additional information regarding your question, please contact us as