Why does it take so long for my product to select a license?


One of the most common factors that explain why it takes a long time for an OrCAD license to be verified is that the license file contains information that is either unavailable or out-of-date. Or the licensing variable for Cadence software (CDS_LIC_FILE) exists in more locations than it should.  

Check your Environment Variables to see if the CDS_LIC_FILE and CDS_LIC_ONLY variables exist in either User Variables or System Variables. If they exist in both places, rename them from one section (for example, change the System Variable name from CDS_LIC_FILE to CDS_LIC_FILE_old) and leave only one set of variables for Cadence to read.

Also, if you have multiple entries in the Variable Value, then Cadence always checks all of the locations to see if licenses are available. If a listed location is unreachable or no longer exists, the licensing routines typically waits approximately 60 seconds for a timeout for each unreachable location.

Try to minimize the CDS_LIC_FILE values so that only active license servers are included in the list.  

If you need additional help editing your product environment variables, contact us as and we’ll work on additional troubleshooting steps.