My dongle doesn’t seem to be working, are there any quick tests I can try before calling support?


There are a couple of quick tests you can try before you contact support for assistance.

First, is the light on the dongle active? If not, move the dongle to another computer and see if the light becomes active there. If it does, you probably just need new drivers on the original computer for the dongle. We recommend you email us at to request the latest driver set.

If the light is on, but the license manager isn’t allowing licenses, try a Stop and Start of the Cadence License Manager service within LMTools. While you’re in LMtools, go to the System Settings tab and check the box at the bottom left labelled “Flexid.”

Is there a 9-######## number listed? If not, but the dongle light is on, then the dongle may have gone bad. Try connecting it to another computer, copy lmtools.exe to that computer and see if the dongle ID shows up there. If it does, email us to request a driver update. If it doesn’t, contact us at to request further assistance.

If there is a number there, does it match the HOSTID in the SERVER line of your license file? If not, you’ll need to locate the appropriate dongle. If it does, try a Stop Server and Start Server in LMTools.

If neither of those work out, contact us as and we’ll work on further troubleshooting steps.