Allegro PCB Editor imports a DXF file according to the dimensions in the DXF file. You can use the Create Detail command that is available from the Manufacture menu to scale the elements you select. The scaling may be used to either reduce or enlarge the elements.


Perform the following steps to scale imported DXF elements:

  1. Select the menu items: Display > Color/Visibility window and enable only the display of the elements you want to scale.

  2. Select the menu items: Manufacture > Drafting > Create Detail. Your selection displays options for the Manufacturing > Details Active Class and Subclass, (Options tab).

  3. Open the Options tab. Set the scaling factor to your desired size (for example, 0.5).
    Also, specify the class/subclass combination on which you want to place the element(s).

  4. Use your left mouse button to draw a box around the element(s) you want to scale by choosing two points to draw an area.
    To exclude one or more elements, use your right mouse button to select a Group and exclude element(s) from the scaling.

  5. Select Complete from your right mouse popup menu. The elements at the scaling factor you set are copied and attached to your cursor in a bounding box.

  6. Select the location for details created in step 5 and place your selection.

  7. Multiple copies may be placed. Right-click and select "Done" when you are finished.