Can I manually modify the product license file that EMA sent me?


Your license file generally consists of five line types listed below, some of which may be modified as indicated in the description.

  1. Comment lines: Lines beginning with the # symbol represent comments and remarks. As long as the # symbol remains at the beginning of the line you can enter any text you wish. If desired you may add additional lines that begin with the # symbol to create additional notes within the file.

    Never remark out the SERVER, DAEMON, and FEATURE lines.

  2. SERVER line. This line defines information about the license server, HOSTID, and port used to request licenses. Only the hostname and the port can be modified. Modification of the HOSTID invalidate the file.

  3. DAEMON line. This line defines information about the specific Vendor Daemon used in the license file. Only the path to the Vendor Daemon may be modified. However, several additional switches are available. Refer to the FlexNet End Users Guide for information regarding switches.

  4. FEATURE lines: These lines define the actual license features. Feature lines may not be modified. If modified, they become invalid and become unable to supply licenses.

  5. USE_SERVER line. This line denotes how the FEATURE lines are used by the DAEMON line. Do not modify or remark out this line.