The OrCAD Capture installation includes footprints, the location of which is noted in the capture.ini file. The footprint paths included in the capture.ini file include a reference to Allegro Footprints as well as the directory locations for the .psm and .pad files. 

Two examples are provided below, one for 17.2 and another for 17.4. These examples show the section of the capture.ini file that references Allegro Footprints. Note: You can quickly identify the path to your capture.ini file by opening Capture and viewing the session Log.

If you want to use custom footprints, the capture.ini file must be updated such that Dir0 or Dir1 variables point to the folder containing the footprints. This section of the capture.ini file is read by the footprint viewer to display component footprints in Capture.

How to view footprints in Capture?

While working in Capture, you can view the footprints associated with a part in the footprint viewer. This viewer provides a two dimensional view of the footprint symbol of a selected part on the schematic. Along with the footprint symbol, the viewer also shows pin numbers and pin names. To view the footprint from your schematic:

  1. Right-click the part.
  2. Select Show Footprint from your right mouse popup menu.