When I invoke Allegro Design Entry CIS or OrCAD Capture, Capture is picking the wrong capture.ini file How can I verify the path of my capture.ini file to be sure it is being read correctly?  
If I have more than one capture.ini file, how does Capture decide which capture.ini file to read? 



When Capture starts up, it uses a pre-defined default values for the application settings. These default values are defined in the Capture configuration (capture.ini) file. 


If Capture is launched from a program menu shortcut or a shortcut created by the user, then capture.ini is read/written from the location specified in the 'Start in' field of the shortcut.  



When not launched from a shortcut, by default Capture reads/writes the capture.ini file from %HOME% location. 


You can invoke Capture with a different INI file that is archived from an alternate location. Capture uses the following order of preference to pick up the capture.ini file present at a location: 


Preference 1:  -i switch option 
With the -i switch, you can force a specific capture.ini file to be used when the application launches. If you use this option while invoking Capture, the tool gives it the highest priority. 


capture [-i <capture.ini location>] [dsn name] [tcl script name] 


Switch / Argument 


-i <capture.ini location> 

The location of the capture.ini file to be used with the current instance of Capture. 

dsn name 

Name and location of the dsn to be opened in the current instance of Capture. 

tcl script name 

Name and location of the tcl file to be executed at startup. 


Preference 2:  %HOME% [Default Location] 

Conditions: If the HOME variable is defined in the environment variables. 
Behavior: If capture.ini is not present at the %HOME% location, Capture will create a new capture.ini file at this location with the folder structure %HOME%/cdssetup/OrCAD_Capture/version. 
Preference 3: %USERPROFILE% 

Conditions: If the %Home% variable is not defined, Capture will read/write the capture.ini file from the %USERPROFILE% location. 
Behavior: If the 'cdssetup' folder is not present at %USERPROFILE%, Capture will create a new capture.ini file at this location with the folder structure %USERPROFILE%/cdssetup/OrCAD_Capture/version. 
Preference 4:  %CDS_SITE% 

Conditions:If the %Home% variable is not defined and if capture.ini is not present at %USERPROFILE%/cdssetup/OrCAD_Capture/version and if capture.ini is present at %CDS_SITE%. 

Preference 5:  Default installation location 
If capture.ini is not present under any of the above four locations, Capture picks the capture.ini file from <cadence installation folder>\tools\bin in 17.2 and from <cadence installation folder>\tools\capture in 16.6.  


How to know from which location Capture is picking the capture.ini file? 

When Capture is invoked, you can open the session log to see the path of the capture.ini file that is used by Capture.You can also get this location by using Command Window. Invoke Capture and open Command Window (View > Command Window). Type the GetIniPath (case sensitive) command in Command Window and press Enter. This will show you the location from which the capture.ini file is picked.