I am receiving the following error messages when I attempted to create a netlist:

INFO(ORNET-1169): Unable to open the property mapping file: devparam.txt. 

INFO(ORNET-1162): Unable to create design property file.

What is causing these errors and how can I correct the issue. 



These error messages display when there is an issue with the path location or configuration of the PSpice.ini file.


To resolve this problem, ensure that PSpice.ini exists at the correct location. Then check the Library Path in simulation settings contains <installation-path>/tools/pspice/library path and create the netlist again.  

  1. Select the menu: PSpice>Edit Simulation Profile.
  2. Select the Configuration Files tab.
  3. Verify the nom.lib file, (referenced in the middle of the "Configuration files" section) is set to “global."

  4. If nom.lib is not listed, browse to <install_dir>\tools\pspice\library\nom.lib and "add to Global" using the upper Browse button.
  5. Verify the Library Path (located at the bottom of the screen) contains <install_dir>\tools\pspice\library from your installation.

  6. You are now ready to try to recreate your netlist.