When I try to export my design to a PDF from OrCAD Capture 17.4, I receive an error message in the PDF Export dialog. I have downloaded and installed the latest ghostscript version and verified the Converter Path. The error received is:  

SERVER ERROR:orPrmRequestDispatcher_executeLocal: Server method failed – Internal Server Error 

Suggested Solution 

This type of error may occur when there is an error with the environmental variable for your TCL_LIBRARY.   To resolve this error, Close Capture and review your system environment variables to determine if there is an environment variable named: TCL_LIBRARY as follows:   
Enter environment variable into your Windows Search field. Then select Edit the system environment variables 
Your selection opens the System Properties dialog.  
Click the Environment Variables… button. 

  1. If you have the TCL_LIBRARY environment variable, edit the name to TCL_LIBARY_OLD.   

  1. Try to export your design to a PDF again.  

    If the solution described above does not resolve your issue, please contact EMA support for further assistance.