Issue Description 

When I run a simulation on my design, my session log reports the following warning: 

WARNING (ORNET-1119): No PSpiceTemplate for C7, ignoring 

INFO (ORNET-1156): PSpice netlist generation complete 

Why am I receiving this error? What can I do to attempt to resolve the error?  

Suggested Solutions 

This type of error occurs when PSpice has an issue reading the PSpice template, the component is placed from the wrong directory path, or when required library files are missing.  

To resolve this erroryou can try any combination of the following solutions: 

  1. Verify the PSpice template is correctly recorded in the Capture Property Editor and that the template name does not include invalid blanks spaces 

You can open the Capture Property Editor by selecting the component and selecting Edit Properties from your right mouse popup menu.  
This type of error may occur if the component was created manually for a vendor model.  

  1. Verify the component is placed from the …\library\pspice folder. This ensures the component is PSpice enabled. 

If the PSpice template is not correctly identified in the Property Editor, the component may have been placed from a location outside of the designated pspice library path.  
For example, if the component is placed from:<install_directory>\tools\capture\library  
but the designated PSpice library is: <install_directory>\tools\capture\library\pspice, this error will occur. To correct this error, replace the component from the correct directory path. 

  1. Verify all required files are included in the …\pspice\library directory. If you place an Advanced Analysis part from …\tool\capture\library\pspice\advanls and required files are missing from the ...\pspice\library directory, PSpice is unable to successfully generate a netlist and you will receive the above warning message in your session log.  
    Files are missing from the …\pspice\library when the PSpice installation is incompleteAn incomplete installation results iAdvanced Analysis parts missing the PSpiceTemplate property. The PSpice netlister references files in ...\tools\pspice\library\ when generating a netlist. If files are missing from this path, the above warning message is generated in the session log during netlist generation. 
    Verify the following files are included in <install directory>\tools\spice\library\  

  • nom_aa.lib 

  • templates.lib 

  • templates.prp 

Verify nom.lib is included in the PSpice > Edit Simulation Profile > Configuration Files > Library. 

  1. Add missing files to the …\pspice\library folder and Edit Simulation > Configuration File Library 
    To add missing files to <install directory>\tools\spice\library\  copy the files from an existing working-installation or ask EMA customer support to provide the files.  
    To add the nom.lib file to PSpice > Edit Simulation Profile > Configuration Files > Library, verify nom.lib is included within the configured files list. If it is not present then place your cursor in front of file name, click the Browse button and add nom.lib from the path:  
    Then click Add as Global 

One or more of the solutions listed above should resolve the error. However, if these suggestions do not resolve the issue you are having, please contact EMA support for further assistance 

Contact information for EMA support:  
Phone877-362-3321 Option 5 
Fax: 585-334-6693