The instructions that follow describe how to setup a PS printer that supports the OrCAD 17.4 applications from Windows 10. If you are using a different version of Windows, the instructions are generally similar but may vary slightly. 

OrCAD products include the File > Export > PDF menu. Selection of this menu enables you to export your schematic or board design to a Smart PDF. Creation of a Smart PDF is dependent on the successful installation and configuration of a Postscript (PS) printer.   

Install and configure a PS printer 


1. Open your Settings > Printers & scanners dialog. 

2.  Click the Add a printer or scanner link. 


  1. 3.  Click the link: The printer that I want isn’t listed 

  1. 4. Select the radio options: Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings. Click the Next button to continue. 


  1. 5. Select the radio option: Use an existing port. Then change the selection from "LPT1"  to "FILE." Click the Next button to continue.  


  1. 6. Notice the left column in the dialog for "Manufacturer."  Click to highlight Generic. Then in the Printers column, scroll to select MS Publisher Color Printer 

  1. 7. Click the Next button to continue. 
    Note: If you already have the PS driver installed you may receive a dialog prompt to select the version of the print driver you want to use. You can either select the option to replace the current driver or use the driver that is currently installed.  

  1. 8. Enter OrCADPS_17.4 into the Printer name input field. Click Next to continue. 
    The Printer Sharing dialog opens. 

  1. 9. Verify the radio option: Do not share this printer is selected. Click Next to continue. 

  1. 10. Click the Finish button to complete the process.