Feature Description 

UltraBOM is a free, cloud-based app you can download from the UltraLibrarian site (URL: https:www.ultralibrarian.cmo/products/ultraBOM). After installation the UltraBOM menu is added to the main OrCAD Capture menu 

You can access the UltraBOM menu to download and place DigiKey parts. The component properties may be easily synchronized, updated, and added to your DigiKey shopping cart to quickly enable you to receive a quote.  

Sharing UltraBOM Data 

Question: Our work team is comprised of multiple engineers. How can we share the UltraBOM component data? 

AnswerUltraBOM is designed to run as a personal prototyping tool. Component mapping only needs to be completed once. Component properties are easily and quickly refreshed. 

Any engineer running UltraBOM on their client OrCAD machine can open the shared design, then refresh and view the cloud-based DigiKey part numbers and updated properties.  

However, if it is necessary for the engineers to share database information, EMA recommends use of the tools CIS and CIP. These tools are specifically designed for sharing database design data.  

Resources that Describe CIS and CIP  


You can export your BOM and part details from Capture CIS and save it as a CSV file. You can select the CIP menu items Admin > Bulk Operations > Import to import the BOM into CIP.