Issue Description

In PCB Editor, we have the existing Classes and Subclasses such as Package Geometry/Silkscreen Top. Is it possible to add “User Defined” Subclasses that are specifically customized to my design and company?

Suggested Solution

As classes are hard-coded, users are unable to add new classes to PCB Editor. However, new subclasses may be added to your design.

To add a new subclass:

  1. Select the menu items: Setup > More > Subclasses. Your selection opens the Define Subclass dialog. This dialog lists all of the classes in your design.

  2. Click the box located to the left of the class name to open the subclass form for that class.

  3. Type the name of the new subclass and press your keyboard Enter key.

  4. The new subclass is added to the list. The image above, for example, shows the subclass named NEWTEST is successfully added to the PACKAGE GEOMETRY class.

  5. To delete a user defined subclass, click the drop-list arrow that is located to the left of the subclass name and select Delete.