Issue Description
How can I control the order of the layers that are exported in the PDF file? The PCB Editor PDF Export form is missing fields to reorder the layers.

Suggested Solution

Layer order is controlled from the Artwork Control Form that is accessed from the Manufacturing Preparation section of the Design Workflow.

The Design Workflow opens with the selection of the Display > Windows > Design Workflow menu. You can open the Artwork Control Form by expanding the display of the Manufacturing Preparation section of the Design Workflow and clicking the Artwork (Film Records) Setup link.

Notice the upper right corner of the form and the PDF Sequence field. A numerical value is assigned to each film record. The number you select for each film indicates the film and layer order when the PDF file is generated.

After assigning numeric values to each film layer, click the OK button to apply your settings. The settings you select are reflected in the PDF file you export.