Parts that are added to my schematic Design Cache have numbers appended to the part name. Why is this happening and what can I do to avoid and correct this issue?


Numbers are added to parts archived in the Design Cache after you edit the part from the Capture Part Editor. 

The Part Editor opens when you highlight the part in your design and select Edit Part from your right mouse popup menu. 

After you update and close the Edit Part window, the Save Part Instance dialog opens.

If you select Update Current a new instance of the part is created that is different from the original library part added to the schematic. The updated symbol is saved as a new part instance in the Design Cache and the part name is appended with a number such as _01, _02. etc. The updated part is referencing the design as the source library. 


If you attempt to run Update Cache, you will be unable to sync the updated part with your library because the part references the design rather than the library. 


You can sync the updated part by replacing the cache as follows:  

  1. Highlight the part in the Design Cache.  
  2. Select Replace Cache from your right mouse popup menu.  
  3. Browse to the library and select the part.

  4. Select Preserve schematic part properties and click OK to replace it.

    After the cache is replaced, the part is linked to the library.