Unfortunately, at this time the OrCAD software is not directly compatible with the MAC OS system. However, if your MAC OS is setup to run Windows applications, such as a Windows virtual machine (VM), Wine, Boot Camp, (https://support.apple.com/boot-camp) etc., that setup should also support execution of the OrCAD trial installation.

The OrCAD Trial also runs on a physical and virtual Linux and Windows machines. 

All OrCAD licensing is based on the physical machine address (mac address).  While EMA Design Automation is unable to create OrCAD Trial and Work From Home (WFH) licensing when a mac address for a virtual machine is provided, EMA Design Automation does support bootcamp installations if the mac address of the wifi or ethernet adapter is provided. Mac addresses for Bluetooth adapters are excluded. 

While this enables users with a MacOS to fully install the OrCAD software, unexpected issues may arise and are unsupported. 

Students who request trial OrCAD licensing frequently run Windows on their MacBook as a virtual machine, typically with parallels - https://www.parallels.com/. While EMA is unable to directly provide licensing for virtual machine setup, licensing may be provided on a USB dongle that can be successfully transferred to the virtual machine.