After you create the logical parts of a heterogeneous part in your library, you need to assign a unique property value to each one. For example, create a property name called PACKAGE.

Warning: Do not create GROUP as a property name. This may cause problems when you annotate your design for a PCB Editor tool, such as Allegro PCB Editor. The GROUP property is reserved in PCB Editor for a specific purpose. 

To create this property:

  1. Double-click on the empty space beside the logical part to get the User Properties dialog box. 
  2. Choose the New button, type in PACKAGE into the Property box and a 1 in the Value box. 
  3. Click twice to attach that property to the logical part. 
  4. Add this new property to each logical part in your package (part A, B, C, and so forth). 
  5. Save your library with the new part in it.


Open your schematic and place the A, B, C (and so on) logical parts of your heterogeneous parts appropriately in your design.  After you place each logical part, double-click on the part to get the property editor.  Edit the value of the PACKAGE property shown in the spreadsheet.  Leave the Value of 1 on that property for each logical part of the first set you place; assign a Value of 2 to each logical part in the second set; assign a Value of 3 to each logical part in the third set, and so on.   Capture uses these values to group the heterogeneous parts correctly when assigning reference designators.


  • Any alpha or numeric character, word or set of numbers may be used as a value for the “PACKAGE” property.  It is not necessary to just use numbers.