The CAPTURE.INI files tells Capture the path locations of symbol part libraries, footprints, and your footprint viewer. If Capture is unable to locate a symbol or footprint, you may need to verify or correct the path location recorded in the CAPTURE.INI file as described below. 

* CAPTURE.INI file location:

*For Capture version 16.5 and earlier:

The CAPTURE.INI file is in located in the Capture directory.  The default install location is "C:\OrCAD\OrCAD_<version number>\tools\Capture" or "C:\Cadence\SPB_<version number>\tools\Capture".  Be sure to close Capture before editing the CAPTURE.INI file.

*For Capture version 16.6 and later:

The CAPTURE.INI file location can be found by opening Capture and looking at the 1st line of the Session Log.  This is generally located at the bottom of the Capture window or, from the Menu bar, select ‘Window \ 1 Session Log’.  This line will look similar to one of the following paths. However, each user’s installation can vary.

CAPTURE.INI file location: 

  • Cadence\SPB_Data\cdssetup\OrCAD_Capture/17.2.0/Capture.ini, or
  • C:\Cadence\SPB_Data\cessetup\OrCAD_Capture/17.4/Capture.ini

Add the lines below to the CAPTURE.INI.  

Schematic Part Symbols:

[Part Library Directories]

Dir0=<drive letter and path to the Capture Symbol libraries>

If another path is needed, increment the "Dir0" to "Dir1".  If you use the installed Capture libraries, please include that drive and path also.  

If after adding this section and it is still not working, then check to see if there exists this section already in the CAPTURE.INI file.  Most likely it would be above (earlier) in the file.

PCB Footprints:

  1. Open the CAPTURE.INI file with a text editor. Locate the following set of statements that are located near the beginning of the file:

    [Footprint Viewer Type]

    [Allegro Footprints]
    dir0=(1st <drive letter:\path to footprints>)

  2. In the Footprint Viewer Type section, specify the footprint viewer to use.

    To view footprints with Cadence Allegro \ OrCAD PCB Designer/Editor, enter this statement:

  3. The Allegro Footprints sections define the location of the footprint libraries for the viewers. When building a list of viewable footprints, Capture looks at all libraries located in the directories specified by the CAPTURE.INI file.

* Ensure that the correct directories for the selected viewer are listed.

* More than one directory can be specified. Be sure to increment the directory number (dir0, dir1, dir2, and so on) because each directory requires a unique number.

* Directory names are case-sensitive.