The procedure that follows explains how to create a library *.olb file using an existing Capture 16.6 schematic design that contains schematic components within the design cache. 

  1. Open the Capture design that includes the designed schematic parts you want to add to a new .olb library file.

  2. Using your left mouse button, select the *.dsn file to activate the design.

  3. Select the menu items: File > New > Library.

    A new library is created within the Library folder of the Project Manager tree.

  4. Select the Design Cache folder to expand it.

  5. Press your keyboard Shift key and use your left mouse button to select the designed library parts to be included in your new *.OLB library.

  6. Select Copy.

  7. Select the new library folder created to activate and expand the display of folder contents.

  8. Select Paste from your right mouse popup menu.

    The new library contains the parts you selected from the design cache.

  9. If desired, rename the new library by selecting (activating) the new library. Select Save As from your right mouse popup menu.

  10. Enter a name for your new library file. Then click the Save button to apply the new library name.