When OrCAD Capture is associated to .dsn files, you can double-click a .dsn file in Windows File Explorer to automatically open Capture. The Capture/.dsn file association also enables you to automatically launch Capture when you select a schematic design in the application EDM, (Engineering Data Management).  

If you attempt to open Capture from the .dsn file and receive an error, the .dsn extension may, for example, be associated to the PCB Autorouter rather than Capture. You can use the Cadence Switch Release utility to associate the correct Cadence file type to Capture and correct the association error.

To associate Capture to .dsn files

  1. Select Cadence > Cadence Switch Release into the Windows Start menu.

  2. Select the Cadence Switch Release App from the popup menu.

  3. If you have more than one version of the Switch Release installed, click to highlight the version that you are using.

  4. Click the File Association button.

  5. Using the scroll bars if necessary, select the dsn entry.

  6. Click the Default Program, Ellipsis button and select the Capture executable you want to associate to the .dsn file type.

  7. Click the Add/Update button.

  8. Click the Close button to close the dialog.

  9. Next time you double-click a .dsn file in File Explorer, Capture will automatically launch.