If you update your OrCAD licensing configuration and receive an error message that states, "Unable to restart Cadence License Server with new license file..." you may need to restart your license server as described as follows.

  1. Open the LMTools app. You can quickly open this app by entering LMTools into the Windows search field and then selecting the app name from the popup menu.

  2. Open the tab, Start/Stop/Reread.

  3. Click the Stop Server button and then wait at least five seconds.

    Note: If you receive a message that says, "Unable to Stop Server" be sure to continue with these instructions anyway.

  4. Click the Start Server button. If you receive the message "Server start successful," your license server is configured properly.

  5. Open your OrCAD software.

    Warning: It is important to only run this utility only once. Do not attempt to run the license server configuration utility again.

Additional Troubleshoot Instructions

If you are unable to resolve your configuration error with the above instructions, please forward the following three files to EMA Technical Support:

  • license.dat – located C:\Cadence\LicenseManager
  • debug.log – located C:\Cadence\LicenseManager
  • msinfo32 – user created file generated by completing the following steps

To create the "info" or "msinfo32" file:

  1. Open your Run app.

    You can open this app by pressing your Windows key on your keyboard while also pressing your keyboard r key.

  2. Type msinfo32 into the Open input field.

  3. Click the OK button or press your keyboard Enter key to open the System Information window.

  4. Click the "+" symbol to expand the Software Environment section.

  5. Select the menu items: File > Save..  

    This opens the Save As dialog.  Name and save your file so that you can forward it to EMA with your license.dat and debug.log files.