If your server hostname was incorrectly entered during installation, you will be unable to launch Capture. The following error message reports this error.  

You can resolve this type of error by editing your system environmental variables as described below.

  1. Click your Windows icon (located on your desktop) and type Edit system environment variables into the search field.

  2. Select Edit the system environment variables Control Panel from the popup selection list. This opens the System Properties dialog.

  3. Click the Environment Variables button.

  4. Notice the dialog is organized by User variables and System variables. Locate the variable CDS_LIC_FILE.
    Note: Depending upon your system setup, this variable may be found in either section.

  5. Highlight the variable CDS_LIC_FILE and click the Edit button.

  6. Enter 5280@localhost as the variable value. Click the OK button to apply and save your changes.

  7. Relaunch Capture to verify the issue is resolved.