OrCAD Capture 17.4 title blocks may be associated to your Capture design template and then automatically placed on each new schematic page next time you open Capture.  This instruction guide explains how to:

  • Place a title block
  • Configure a title block
  • Control the display of title block fields 
  • Associate a title block to your Capture design template

To place a title block

  1. Open your Capture project and schematic page.

  2. Select the menu items: Place > Title Block.

  3. Select a library and title block from the scroll lists located on the left side of the dialog box. You can preview each title block available as you scroll through the list.  

    Note: If you want to add an existing company title block to your schematic pages and the library you need is not included in the list, click the Add Library button to locate and add the library.

  4. Click the OK button to close the dialog and attach the title block to your cursor.

  5. Click a location on the schematic page to place the title block in the desired position.


To configure title block settings

  1. Highlight the TitleBlock (from Project Manager > Library folder) and select Edit Symbol from your right-mouse popup menu. Or simply double click the TitleBlock. This opens the Symbol Properties window.

  2. Double-click a field name and type in the values you want included on your customized title block.

  3. To configure display properties of each field, click the Display Property icon that is associated to each specific field. The Display Property icons are included in the Property Sheet that opens in the far right side of the window.

  4. Select a display option from the popup menu.  For example, select Value Only if you only want to view your company name without displaying the field name.

  5. Select File > Save to save the updated title block.

To add additional field values to your title block display



  1. View a schematic page that includes your title block. Double-click the title block (outside of the active fields) to open the Property Editor.

  2. Using your right mouse button, click the value field of a property row. Select Edit from the popup menu.

    For example, select the Property Name row, and then select Edit from the right-mouse popup menu.

  3. Enter a value for the property you want to add to your title block. In this example, we are entering the name Preliminary.

  4. Using your right mouse button, click the value field of the property again and select Display from the popup menu.

  5. Click the Yes button to add the selected property to your title block.

  6. Close the Property Editor and return to your schematic.

  7. Closely view the title block and if necessary, drag the property value to the desired position.

To associate a title block to a design template

Once you have created your title block, you can assign a title block to your Capture design template so that the title block is added to each new design and schematic page. Next time you open Capture the new title block configuration will display. 


  1. Select the menu items Options > Design Template.


  2. Select the Title Block tab from the Design Template dialog.

  3. If the path of the Library that includes your title block is not automatically selected, click the Ellipsis button to select the path of the correct library.

  4. Enter the exact name of your title block into the Title Block Name field.

  5. Click the OK button.

Next time you open Capture, the design template updates are implemented.