The PSpice Smoke feature is an Advanced Analysis (AA) tool that is included as a general PSpice feature. The Smoke tool detects circuit stress caused by power dissipation, voltage or current limits, and excessive temperatures identified in a transient simulation. 

This tutorial explains how to:

  • Open the Advanced Analysis Smoke window
  • Identify design components that exhibit stress


To begin this tutorial, open your project and click the PSpice toolbar icon that looks like a little flame.

Or select the menu items: PSpice > Advanced Analysis > Smoke.

This opens the PSpice Smoke window. The red bars presented in this window indicate components that have excessive stress while the green bars indicate components without excessive stress. The spreadsheet columns identify component reference designators, parameters, type of frequency measurement (Average, Peak or RMS), the percent derating, the maximum derating, as well as the measured values.


You can use your right mouse button to click a blank space in the spreadsheet to view and select options that enable you to filter out invalid values. You can also right-click a spreadsheet cell to configure custom derating files of models.

You can double click a column name to sort the field items presented in the Rated Value, Derating, or Measured Value columns.