This PSpice video demonstrates how to connect and wire PSpice parts.  After you complete this PSpice demonstration, you will be able to:

  • Place wires to complete your schematic
  • Rename and edit schematic parts
  • Assign net and net alias names

To place wires in your schematic:

  1. Select the menu items: Place > Wire or press the keyboard “W” hot key.

    This attaches a wire to your cursor that appears as a + symbol and remains attached to your cursor until you press your keyboard Escape key.

  2. Click the small rectangle of the first component.

  3. Then click the small white rectangle of the second component to complete the wire.

    You can also use Place > Auto Wire menu to connect components. Then click on one side of your component and then click the next component to connect it.

    Each icon in the Place menu corresponds to the icons included in the schematic toolbar that is located by default along the right border of your screen. You can hover over each toolbar icon to identify the functionality.

    To change the name of a part, double-click the part reference that you want to change.

    The Display Properties dialog opens. This dialog includes the value field you can edit.

    You can change the value of the part in the same manner.

    You can name your nets by selecting the menu items: Place > Net Alias or by pressing the keyboard hotkey “N.” You can alternatively select the Net Alias toolbar icon.

    Your selection opens the Place Net Alias dialog.

    You can enter a name for your alias into this dialog. Then place the rectangular box that attaches to your above the wire of the net you want to name.

    Use of net aliases makes it easier to track the nets you want to observe in your probe window when doing simulations.