The procedure presented below describes how you can create a share folder for Ultra Librarian (UL) using the Windows Computer Management App.

  1. Open the Computer Management App. You can open this app from the Windows search field.

  2. Expand System Tools, and Shared Folders. Highlight Shares and select New Share.

    The Welcome to the Create A Shared Folder Wizard launches.

  3. Click Next to continue.

  4. Enter the Folder path of the shared folder. If desired, you may browse to select the folder you want to share. Click Next to continue. Note: Sharing a folder is recommended rather than sharing a network drive.
  5. If desired, you may change the Share name if you want it to be different from the folder name.

  6. Click the Change button to open the Offline Settings screen. Select No files or programs from the shared folder are automatically available offline. Click OK to return to the previous page.

  7. Click Next to continue and open the next page of the Folder Wizard.

  8. Click the Customize permissions radio option then click the Custom… button. The Customize Permissions screen opens.

  9. Change Everyone to have Change and Read permissions. Do not give them full control.

  10. Select the Security tab and Edit button.

  11. Click the Add button.

  12. Type UltraLibrarian into the “Enter the object names to select” input field. Then click the Check Names button. The correct name of the UltraLibrarain User groups then populates the field. Click OK to continue.

  13. Highlight the UltraLibrarian Users group and then select check boxes to grant that group Modify, Read & execute, List folder contents, and Read permissions. Select OK and Finish twice.

The Ultra Librarian folder is now ready for sharing.