Ultra Librarian is a subscription download library that provides unlimited access to schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D STEP models. This guide describes how to uninstall a trial or existing UL version and install the latest UL version. 

To uninstall Ultra Librarian (UL)

Delete the UL software from your Windows Control Panel or from Settings > Apps & features

To install Ultra Librarian (UL)

  1. If you have not yet registered for an UL account, register at http://orcad.ultralibrarian.com using the subscription code you received from EMA.

  2. Log into your account.

  3. You may be prompted to enter your subscription code again. Enter your code and click the Add Subscription button.

    Note: EMA included your subscription code in the subscription confirmation email message sent to you.

  4. Click the Hello drop-menu arrow and select About Client Software.

  5. Click the Download Client link that matches your OrCAD version.

    The zipped Ultra Librarian installation folder downloads to your Download folder.

  6. Open the zipped ULforOrCAD Setup folder and double-click the executable file to launch the InstallShield Wizard.  

  7. Follow the instructions presented in the InstallShield Wizard. Click the Next button to progress through each page of the wizard.

    When installation is complete a text read me file displays.

  8. Open Capture to verify the Ultra Librarian tab is added below the main Capture menu. Select the tab and enter your log in credentials to begin using Ultra Librarian.