Cadence OrCAD products for 17.2 currently support a 64 bit OS. While the update increases the processing speed and performance in many ways the updates are unable to successfully install and run on a 32 bit OS. Install or update Cadence License Manager so that support for your 64 bit OS is up-to-date before you begin the installation of your OrCAD 17.2 products.


If you have an issue or question regarding licensing, installation, application usage, issues with access to EMA Resource Center, or using your Reference Key to create a COS account, contact EMA Tech Support at (585) 334-6001 Option 5, visit our EMA Tech Support website at TechSupport.EMA-EDA.Com, or send an email message to TechSupport@EMA-EDA.Com.

If you have an issue downloading or logging in with an existing COS Account, please contact Cadence Support at or contact Cadence Support by phone at 1-877-237-4911.

If you choose to use a dongle for your OrCAD product license and locking method, you need to attach the dongle to the appropriate USB port of your computer before you begin installation. Click Cancel when the Windows generated Found New Hardware dialog appears. The dongle drivers automatically install during the License Manager installation.

To download your OrCAD v17.2 software from the Cadence Online Support website:

  1. Log into your Cadence account at:

    If you are new to Cadence Support, please register as a new user, using the following reference key your received in the email message EMA forwarded to you.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to: Software > Download Software.


  3. Select OrCAD/Allegro 17.2 (SPB172).
  4. Click the Download button from either the Base Release or Hotfix section.

  5. If this is your first time installation, download the Base Release and then download the Hotfix if there is a Hotfix update available.

  6. If you are updating a current software version, download from the Hotfix area only.

  7. If you are planning to install a 17.2 OEM product such as OrCAD Library Builder (OLB), OrCAD Component Information Portal (CIP) or OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM), you need to download and install the Cadence Download Manager (DLM). OLB, CIP, and EDM are only available from the DLM.

  8. Extract the downloaded zipped contents into a single directory.
  9. Highlight the setup executable file for the OrCAD 17.2 product you are installing, click your right mouse button, and select Run as Administrator. This opens the first installation screen.
  10. Follow the online instructions provided in the Installation Wizard.