While you may download Cadence products and associated hotfixes directly from the Cadence Download page, the recommended path is to use the dedicated Cadence Download Manager. This will help you automate the management of hotfixes as well as ensure you have access to all the Cadence products you have purchased. 

The steps that follow assume you have already created your Cadence Online Support (COS) account, and you have access to the Cadence download webpage.


Setting Cadence User Preferences 

The first time you log into the Cadence Online Support (COS) website URL: http://support.cadence.com/ and open the Download Software page, you are prompted to select preferences before you proceed.

  1. Log into the Cadence Support website and open the URL:  http://support.cadence.com/.

  2.  Select Software > Download Software.

    Note: The links and menus available from the Cadence Support webpage may appear differently when you use a different browser or a different browser window width.

  3. To specify your Download Method, select Complete Media Images and then select Windows as your operating system as shown in the screen image above.

  4. Select SPB for My Preferred Releases.

  5. If necessary scroll down the page to view the lower part of the window.  Select I Agree and click the Save button. The Latest Releases for the last 90 days display.

Downloading the Cadence Download Manager

The instructions that follow assume you already have access the Cadence Download Software webpage and you have already configured your Cadence download preferences.

When you view the Cadence software download page, (URL: http://downloads.cadence.com) notice the several links located along the top border of the page.

  1.  Click to select: DOWNLOAD ASSISTANTS > Download Manager. The "Using Cadence Download Manager" webpage opens.

  2.  Click the Download link as highlighted in the above screen image. This initiates the download process.

  3. When the download is complete, click the downloaded file (DownloadManager*.exe) and select Show in folder from the pop-up menu.

  4. Then click the executable file using your right mouse and select Run as administrator from the pop-up menu. 

    The InstallShield wizard guides you through the installation process. 

  5.  Select the radio option, I accept the terms of the License agreement and then click the Next button to continue.

  6.  Selection of the default installation directory is recommended. However, if you want to specify a different installation directory, you may do so by clicking the Browse button and navigating to the desired directory. Then click the Next button to continue.

  7. Select the checkbox, Launch Download Manager now. Then click the Finish button to open Download Manager.